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Live 24/7 Answering Service

Whether your business is a one man operation or a major corporation we have a plan just right for you.  We are open 24/7; 365 days a year.   We can provide you service for day time only, after hours, weekends, or on an as need basis.   Whatever your need is, Let Us Answer is your Telephone Messaging Solution.

Services we provide:

·       Professional and Courteous Staff

At Let Us Answer our mission is to make sure that we provide the most professional service available.   Our staff is trained and constantly evaluated to make sure they hold up to this mission. 

·       Call Recording

Calls handled through our answering service are recorded as long as one of our telephone representatives is live on the phone.  This insures we provide the most professional and courteous service available.

·       Call Screening

This feature allows us to guarantee a 1st ring pick up every time.   A recording with your personalized greeting will answer your phone and then transfer your call to the 1st available representative. 

·       Caller Id

Each incoming call is stamped with the number the call is coming from. This caller id feature is attached to each account and picked up as soon as the call is answered.           

·       Fax or E-mail Delivery

This convenient feature allows you to receive your messages through a fax machine or e-mail address verses being disturbed while you’re out.  We also have the ability to send you a complete list of messages you may have already received and just want them for your records.

·       Alpha Dispatch

With an alpha numeric pager you stay in touch without the hassle of calling several people before realizing what the call was concerning.   Alpha dispatch allows you to receive your actual message with all call information, therefore avoiding at least one unnecessary call.   

·       Custom Rate Plans

At Let Us Answer we understand that each customer is different and has a different need in their answering service.   We try to customize each account for each customer. Some have more needs then others.  This allows us to be fair with each client and not have a small customer with the same rate as a large corporation.    

·       Toll Free number

For our customers that are not local to our area, we can assign a toll free number.  This allows us to provide service to you no matter where you’re located.            

·       Automatic Time and Date stamping

To avoid any error or confusion our system automatically stamps each call with time and date.    

·       Wake up Services

This is a free service to all answering service customers and their employees.  Our telephone representatives are available to contact you by home, pager or mobile at anytime of the day you request.     

Member of:

Cadcom Equipment Owners Association

New Iberia Chamber of Commerce