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About Us

Every call we answer for you is a chance to make a lasting impression on your behalf, and we take that very seriously.


Our staff is meticulously trained to provide cheerful accurate service for every call. Your clients' satisfaction means everything to us.

We vigilantly monitor calls to ensure the very best service for our clients.


Let Us Answer handles every call according to your customized protocol and delivers all messages to you in a timely manner.

We're not just an answering service ... we're part of your team.


Every call you get is an important connection.

Missed calls equal missed business.

Our staff ensures you'll never miss an important connection again!

Our story

Let Us Answer comes from humble beginnings. The company was founded over 45 years ago as a way for our family to serve the businesses in our community.

We always say that a family-owned business focused on hard work and service will outshine the competition. We believe this sets us apart from the rest.

For us, it’s personal. The business you’ve worked hard to build deserves only the best care. We guarantee you’ll notice the difference in our service from your very first interaction.

~ 2nd generation family owned and operated.

~ Offering only the highest quality customer service to meet & exceed our client’s expectations.

~ We cover all of your answering service needs by offering complete customization to suit your business. 

~ Family oriented and dedicated to the success of our clients and team members.

~ We keep you connected with your clients one call at a time.

Our Team

Every Call Matters

Our team is dedicated to putting your customers first with every phone call they answer.

Each team member is always courteous, professional, and engaging.

Our Team is Your Team

Each call answered for your business is considered a call for our business.

With a seamless answering process, we carefully maintain your clients' trust in your business.

Our agents take pride in being part of your team.

Excellent Training

Our staff members are carefully trained to treat each call with respect and professionalism.

Team members follow your script and preferences with every call.

Consistent Monitoring

We record and track your calls carefully.

Calls received and routed by our team members are monitored to maintain quality service to your clients.

Ensuring that our agents are on top of their game means your customers always feel cared for.

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